A story of freshness

how it all started

It all started when my boyfriend (Cameron) bought me a candle making kit for Christmas of 2020. So he says anyways... To this day, I still think he secretly bought it for himself. 

After playing around and making a few candles, we both realized our new found passion and somehow, after a lot of hard work and dedication, we ended up here.

Image by Felipe Santana
Bourbon (Pouring)-3.jpg

The testing phase

We spent almost a year testing candle after candle to come up with the perfect combination of wax, fragrance and wick. Oh man, let me tell you.. we had to make a lot of candles. But finally, after candle #168 we had a winner. This is when we realized all the time, money and dedication would finally pay off.

After that it was easy.. All we had to do was come up with a name, signage, website, advertising, product pictures, and packaging. Looking back now, it really was a lot more than what it felt like. I guess that's what it's like when you find your passion?

Where we are today

Just in time for Christmas, we finally had everything absolutely perfect. We launched our website to the public in the beginning of December, 2021.

We also managed to sneak into a few local markets, and the feedback we received was phenomenal and everything we've ever hoped for in the past year. 

Thank you to everyone who truly put a smile on our faces before the new year!

our goals for the coming year

In the coming year, we're hoping to be able to get into many more local markets to make a lot of new, amazing connections with other local vendors. 

We have two rooms in our house dedicated to making candles, however, even that is getting a little bit cramped. We're hoping to be able to have a storefront/candle studio, but we'll have to see what the new year brings.

Lots of love,

SWAX Candle Co.